September 8 marks the first anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s death. The Queen, who ruled for 70 years, passed away at her Scottish estate Balmoral, surrounded by family and friends, at 96, the BBC reports. So much has happened since then that it seems like an eternity has passed. Meghan Markle’s antics, the coronation of King Charles III and the coronation of Queen Camilla have not stopped since the Queen’s death, and the ever-deepening rift between William, Prince of Wales, and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, seems to have reached a point of no return.

The Harry and Meghan series on Netflix became the real point of no return. However, it must be said that even before the series, things could have been smoother sailing at The Firm, thanks to Oprah Winfrey and the hasty postponement of the release of Harry’s sensational memoir, Spare. 

The repercussions have been significant. According to The Telegraph, Harry has alienated himself from his entire British family, and Meghan remains persona non grata in royal circles. However, despite announcing their departure from royal life, the couple stays on top of things, and Meghan’s unquenchable thirst undoubtedly plays a big part in this.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, kicked off her thirst-filled year with a parched interview with Variety. The material was scheduled to be released before the Queen’s death. However, it was eventually pushed back to October 2022 and updated accordingly to include Meghan’s opinion on the passing of her mother-in-law. As Meghan admitted, she feared that her comments about the Queen would distract attention from her death and the celebration of her life. Nevertheless, she threw caution to the wind and continued her work.

Meghan posed for a behind-the-scenes video posted to Instagram to create an air of concern. It includes footage of her cheekily playing “Blue Steel,” fake laughing and smiling to the Circus X track Sweet Dreams. 

And if life presents you with lemons, buy a bottle of fine champagne at a swanky Hollywood private club and make sure everyone sees how you live your life. That was the goal Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, had in mind on the day it was revealed that she and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, had finally moved out of their official home in the UK, Frogmore Cottage, after his father, King Charles III, forced them out in disgrace.

In addition to this, as reported by the Independent, Andrew’s most universally hated monarch, the Duke of York, was to occupy their home. However, as Page Six reports, Meghan did not let herself lose the house. Moreover, she decided to capitalize on the news by creating a thirst with some good old-fashioned tabloid photos.

Before long, Meghan and Harry were off to a favorite vacation spot for Hollywood’s elite – the San Vicente Bungalow. It’s a hot spot guaranteed to be swarming with paparazzi capturing every moment of the high-profile guests entering and leaving the restaurant. Bingo! Double photo shoot. And the Sussexes made sure to use the main entrance rather than the private entrance reserved for celebrities. 

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, was noticeably absent when her husband, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, attended her father’s coronation, King Charles III. According to the BBC, Harry did not linger at the festivities. Instead, he walked back to the US after the ceremony was over. Of course, Meghan completely missed this historic event, but that didn’t stop her thirst for a drink.

Many, including Meghan, put on an eye-catching promotion leading up to her father-in-law’s big day. 

To ensure maximum thirst and headline-making, Meghan contracted “Mr. Entourage” himself, Ari Emanuel. Some think that’s more important than running around the old rainy country.

Just a few days after the coronation of King Charles III, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, was once again courting the cameras. And this time, she decided to dine with friends at the posh Gracias Madre restaurant, a favorite spot for celebrities and paparazzi. Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, was not by his wife’s side at this event. She enjoyed every second with her girlfriends, candidly laughing and chatting with them on camera.

It’s a long drive to lunch. Approximately 86 miles. Page Six notes that the drive from Montecito to Hollywood can take up to two hours each way, depending on traffic. 

The source reported that “people are so ambivalent about them, it’s exciting. ” Some people are thrilled with them, while others think they’re just weird.”

With a successful Hollywood career and being on the royal stage, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, knows something about being thirsty. According to Page Six, Meghan has been teased for over a year about returning to Instagram, which she left in 2020. Meghan hasn’t posted a single post yet, but she already has 121,000 followers eagerly and breathlessly waiting it.

To increase her potential audience reach and possible future branding opportunities, Meghan has taken the example of Oprah and Madonna and started an account @meghan, which is nothing short of amazing.

The account has been set up for August 2022. But an insider told the Daily Mail newspaper that the report could be launched any day now. “Expect an announcement very soon. It’s coming back,” the source revealed. Meanwhile, a financial expert predicts that Meghan can expect to earn around $1 million from each post. Lust pays.